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What payment methods do you accept?      

      We accept cash, Zelle, Venmo, Cash App, Apple Pay, credit/debit cards, PayPal, Afterpay (up to 2k), and personal checks (deposits only). Whichever payment method is easiest for you.

How much is the deposit to reserve a puppy?

        The deposit to reserve a puppy is $500 and it is refundable. We understand that your circumstances can change unexpectedly, so we always offer our customers the option to have their deposit refunded or transferred to another litter/puppy.

How does your waiting list work?

        Our waiting list is for customers that for sure want a puppy. You pay the $500 deposit and let us know what color and gender you are looking for. As soon as we get a puppy or puppies that match your requests, we will immediately notify you. You may then choose your puppy or wait for the next litter. The waiting list will be filled on a first come, first served basis. All waiting list clients will have the opportunity to choose a puppy before anyone on the call back list is notified.

How does your callback list work?

        Our callback list is for customers that are interested in a puppy, but not sure yet. Once all of the waiting list customers have had the opportunity to pick a puppy, we will begin contacting customers on the callback list. Customers who registered first, will be notified first. If you want to be placed in front of everyone on the call back list, all you have to do is join the waiting list.

Do you offer shipping?

      We can ship your puppy in several different ways. The choice is ultimately up to you. Ground, air cargo, and puppy nanny are all options we are happy to discuss with you.

How can you assure me that I will get a healthy puppy?

        All of our puppies go through multiple wellness exams prior to rehoming. You will also be provided with a two-year health guarantee along with a certificate of health signed by our veterinarian.

Are your puppies up to date on their vaccinations?

       Yes, all of our puppies are up to date on all age-appropriate vaccinations. You will be provided with a complete health record and a future vaccination schedule.

Do your puppies come with AKC registration papers?

       Yes, all of our dogs and puppies are AKC registered. However, you will receive a limited registration unless breeding rights are approved and the full breeding price is paid.

Thank you!

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